Miami Boat Shows

The Yacht Miami Beach event celebrates its twenty-ninth edition with no less than half a thousand boutique and super luxury yachts, some up to 72 meters in length, almost all anchored along more than a mile (1.6 kilometers) in The Collins Avenue pier in Miami Beach.

This exhibition, which presents for the first time a sample of electric pleasure boats, is complemented by another parallel nautical fair, Miami International Boat Show, which exhibits in Virgin Key, in the bay of Cayo Vizcaíno, some 1,300 small recreational boats .

The Miami Beach fair, with its exclusive yachts and super yachts and the most advanced marine technology and accessories “has an impact in the region of about 11,000 million dollars and creates about 136,000 jobs,” direct and indirect, said Efe Ricardo Strul, vice president of Show Management, organizer of the event.

Strul put the focus on the good evolution of the high-end sector, helped by the stabilization of the US economy, which indicates, he said, good sales in this year’s event, which closes its doors next Tuesday.

“There has been a resurgence in the United States since the recession of 2009 and the sector has recovered quite well, with a very strong market” for yachts between 55 and 65 feet in length (16-19 meters).

For the first time, the Miami Beach show takes place entirely on the water, over a five-mile pier on the sea, a carpeted circuit of straight metal and wooden walkways to the sides of which are moored all kinds of yachts and Superyates that fans can visit.

It is an essential event for sea enthusiasts or eager to fantasize about luxury ships, a fair that attracts, he added, “a large international audience, from Latin America, especially Mexican, Colombian and Brazilian buyers, as well as European, Italian and German mainly. ”

It is clear that the market for boutique and luxury yachts remains not only afloat, but in growth and continuous evolution, with the incorporation each year of state-of-the-art technology and the innovative design of large shipbuilding and naval architecture firms.

This impressive 1.2 million square foot exhibit features Miami’s exclusive and refurbished Watson Island Marina, the only US facility designed to accommodate boats up to 170 meters in length.

In this marina, converted into a “show within a show”, the “Axioma”, a jewel of the Dunya manufacturer, is docked: 72 meters of elegance, noble materials, impeccable lacquers and state-of-the-art engines. The price of this superyate is close to one hundred million dollars.

In total, the value of vessels and marine technology displayed at Yachts Miami Beach exceeds $ 1 billion, a figure that can double by adding more than 1,000 boats displayed in Key West, where more than 100,000 visitors are expected to The four days of exhibition.

As for recreational electric boats, still with little US demand, visitors can find models of between 31,000 (Canadian Electric Boat) and 109,000 dollars (model Bruce 22).

The Bruce 22 model is one of the most attractive electric boat offers. With a vintage design, with capacity for eight passengers and a fully electric propulsion system based on Panasonic batteries, it has an autonomy of eight hours of navigation.

“The environmental benefits of these electric boats are very important: they emit zero greenhouse gases, their pollution is zero and, in addition to being clean, they are quiet,” Missy Mandelstain, responsible for communication at Nautical Ventures, told Efef.

Although there is still a way for the electric boat to be a more tangible reality in the US, beyond practical difficulties such as the price of the battery ($ 18,000), nobody is arguing are the advantages of electric models In terms of atmospheric and acoustic pollution.

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